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Hello you wondrous vocalist!


My name is Carol-Lynne Quinn, I am a Vocal Coach, Singing Rehabilitation Specialist and Vocologist.


I have the pleasure of working with badass JUNO award-winning artists, major label artists, amazing indie artists and awesome humans who are beginning their singing journey. 


​I am passionate about combining Voice Science with Vocal Soul.


I use athletic Voice Science techniques that will focus on your vocal health, vocal rehabilitation,  vocal strengthening, range expansion, lung expansion and more.  


Vocal Soul first comes from the fact that I believe in vocal freedom, in authentic artistry and creating a safe place where you can discover your own beautiful, powerful voice.


We will workshop your stylistic artistry, emotional intention, connection and learn to paint with all the different colours of your badass instrument. 

I currently work with over 150 artists throughout North America.


I am the vocal coach for the 2021-2022 JUNO Master Class and Canada's Music Incubator and have given workshops at, The National Music Centre of Canada, Breakout West and Rifflandia Festival and have given a Tedx Nashville talk on the voice.


​I have toured for over 12 years and understand that training your voice with intentional athletic techniques creates an incredibly powerful instrument that will show up for you each and every night. 


My main focus is empowering you to reach any vocal goal you may have while making sure you remain who you are and keep your voice authentically yours. 


So, wondrous human! You are a badass, anyone can sing, the voice is a beautiful muscle that can grow.


All the love, let's unearth that ROAR!

- CQ

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The ROAR Community Membership is a monthly membership that gives you access to athletic vocal training programs, live vocal workout challenges and other resources that focus on athletic voice science, soulful connection, vocal empowerment and community.



Athletic Voice Science meets Soulful Connection. We will focus on vocal health and rehab, vocal strengthening, range expansion, lung expansion and more. It is my goal to help you find vocal freedom while keeping your badass voice authentically yours.

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Photo: Katee Pederson

Ryan Guldemond

Carol-Lynne Quinn is a vocal teacher who beautifully blends modern vocal science with soulful emotional empowerment. After working with her for 3 years, not only has my range and power increased exponentially, but I now sing with more honesty, courage and love, connecting deeper to myself and my audience through the act of singing.



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Celeigh Cardiral

Carol-Lynne Quinn is so much more than a vocal coach. Her perfect balance of science, observation and intuition gives her an almost magical power.  She has the most incredible way of making you feel safe to be vulnerable, and it’s within that safety and acceptance that you begin to learn and grow, which leads to feeling so much more bold and empowered. Working with her has not only strengthened my voice, it has transformed me into a more connected, self-aware person. Every time I play a show, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be working 
with Carol-Lynne. 




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Charlie Kerr

Carol-Lynne Quinn is everything a teacher should be. She is open-minded, brilliant, enthusiastic, patient and incredibly well-researched. Her extraordinary results speak for themselves but I will echo them by saying I owe a great deal of my success as an artist and singer to her. She is a one-of-a-kind talent and if you are lucky enough to work with her in any capacity, I recommend it. 




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